Hello! Alex Skerratt here.

This is the main website for all my projects. Thanks for stopping by! It’s a bit hard to describe what I do. I’m mostly a freelance writer; I’ve written for ITV’s Sooty since 2009 (a job I still do to this day) and in 2019 one of the episodes I co-wrote with my friend Richard Cadell was nominated for a BAFTA. I was also fortunate enough to work on the script for the Sooty movie, which is still in development. Otherwise, my main connection to Sooty is as the social media person, as I look after the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

Meanwhile, to Tony Hancock fans, I’m the man who took on the pen name Darcy Sarto to complete the great, unfinished work Lady Don’t Fall Backwards, which was first published in 2013 and has spanned three print runs, all of which have sold out. This was the fifth novel I wrote (and the only one that I considered good enough to publish!) and I recently finished my sixth, which has the working title River Still. I’m currently doing edits and rewrites and in the fullness of time I hope to find a publisher.

In another world, I blog about video games over on Al Survive, and I work as the media man for a company known as Lovarzi, who produce the official Doctor Who scarves.

I also work as an actor, so if you have a project and need a performer, I’d love to hear more! I’m also available to help with voice over work, graphic design, video editing, social media marketing, creative writing and copywriting, so feel free to enquire if you think I could help you.

Finally – I’m training to be a counsellor! And whilst I’m not yet qualified to offer any services, mental health is one of my great passions and I love writing about it, so if you’d like to know more, head on over to my other website – Al Manage.

It’s always nice to receive mail so if you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading 🙂