I’m aware I’ve been quiet for a while. The reasons for this are positive, though – I’ve actually been quite busy, so it’s been hard finding time to sit down and actually compose one of these blogtastic ramblings. And even today, I shouldn’t really be writing copy for my own website. But it’s an important part of what I do, so I concede that it is worthy of my (albeit limited) time and attention!

Some of you may know that I moved into an office in January. This was more of a subtle sidestep than a Grand Départ – two of my church chums had a desk to spare, and were kind enough to nudge it in my direction. Thus, my current H.Q. is a converted mill in Otley, right next to the river Wharfe, dripping in history and character, with super-tall ceilings and enough space to swing a giraffe, (the office, that is – not the river!) I don’t know how long I’ll stay here, but I’m very comfortable for the moment. I’ve known my friends a long time and they never cease to make me laugh, even if I do confuse them at times; last week I had to explain how I’d managed to let a vacuum cleaner fall on my head!

So the office move and the busy work schedule have necessitated a degree of silence on the website front. And yet the question of quietness is pertinent to this post. Recently, I attended a writing meeting, and a few days later an email dropped into my inbox; its author observed that I seemed quiet and disengaged at the creative confab. Similarly, I met some random people in the pub last week, (they overheard a debate I was having with my friend about whether Peppa Pig had been banned in Birmingham! Naturally they had to pull their table over and get in on the action.) After I’d gone, they commented to my companion that I seemed like a “quiet” sort of person.

And I am. For instance, when I’m trying to write stories, my modus operandi is to sit in silence and stare out of a window until all the necessary pieces have fallen into place; it’s hardly rock n’ roll, but it’s how I’m wired. Moreover, if I’m in a conversation which has a natural leader, (such as my colleague from the script meeting, or my Peppa Pig friend), then I’m quite happy to let them have the floor; I have no desire to shout them down, or vie for attention. Sometimes quietness is courtesy.

It can also be tactful. I’m currently co-writing the Sooty movie, but – cards on the table – there’s nothing realistically I can say about it. I haven’t signed an NDA or anything, but it would be somewhat insensitive of me to start spouting scenes or stories, when it’s not my baby and there are other people to consider. But this blog is basically about my business, and Sooty is part of my business – in that, he pays me – so it’s only fair that I give him a cursory mench. And also, even though I’ve penned about 30 pages, they could all be thrown to the dogs for all I know, so if I don’t admit to them now then I may never be able to!

Conversely, there’s The Trimmings, which is something I really should be more vocal about, if you take the traditional PR view. The project is almost finished, and I’m nearly ready to unleash it on the world of unsuspecting humanity. And yet I have decided to take the ‘quiet’ approach in terms of social media publicity. There will be no trailer and no endless messages encouraging people to Like it and Share it. The Trimmings will just be what it is. Don’t get me wrong, there will be lots of pieces of artwork and extra content to help the episodes along, but I take the view that people will either watch them or not, and they’ll either Share them or not. I want the series to retain its innocence and honesty, in a sincere – and dare I say it – quiet manner. As such, I won’t be talking about it again, (at least, not to promote it), so if you want to know more, seek it out on Facebook and / or Twitter, check out its website, and most importantly, enjoy! The Trimmings will likely be landing in May. And now I’m going to shut up about it!

If all this sounds a little grumpy, please forgive me – it’s not meant to be. I just feel that quietness can be misconstrued and I wanted to express what’s really happening in my multiplex cerebro. Because quietness can actually indicate a whole range of things – busyness, thoughtfulness, courtesy, sensitivity, tiredness(!) amongst others. Alas, we live in a society that values The Talker, and whilst I passionately believe that clear communication is crucial to any form of relationship, be it romantic, platonic or working – I think we should all be careful in how we view those with measured mouths… We’ve no idea what they are really thinking!