Release Overview

  • Synopsis
    Menston Green has been running since 1951, but the ratings have gone into free-fall. The producer, (Colin Baker), decides the only option is to hand over the reins to a dim-witted young chancer called Dale, who's ready to do anything to save IBC1's prized institution...
  • Featuring
    Wink Taylor, Bob Mallow, Anne Newton, Gillian Barge, Colin Baker, Alex Skerratt, Vicki Glover, Warwick St. John, Hannah Robson, Wendy Abrahams, Sam Chipman, Robert Place, Jenna Skerratt, Ashley Goodall and Kenneth Barker.
  • Running Time
    50 minutes approx.
Sound Supervisor

Tim McHugh, Visionary Sound.

Sound Design

Ashley Goodall, Artificer Audio Ltd.


Benoit Malis, Alex Krauss-Williams and Gaz Sefton.

Please note

No animals were harmed in the making of this programme.

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