Release Overview

  • Synopsis
    Sadie keeps having nightmares, visions... interactions with a mysterious woman in a white robe... Spike has a machine that will take him deep inside Sadie’s consciousness, but even he is unprepared for the terrible secret they uncover... The DVD contains two episodes: "Paralysis" and "Genesis".
  • Featuring
    Hannah Robson as Sadie Brown and Sam Chipman as Spike, alongside Alex Skerratt, Vicki Glover, Waleed Khalid, Ken Boyter, Michael Thackray, Alissa Juvan, Helen West, Nick Blackshaw and Alex Hewitson.
  • Running Time
    60 minutes approx
  • Age Rating
    12 Contains references to suicide
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Special Features
    Teaser Trailer, Launch Trailer, Outtakes, Production Subtitles on both episodes, and an Easter Egg.
  • Price
    £4.00 plus £2 P&P

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