Chums of mine will know that I am a little bit of a sci-fi fan, so I must say I am hugely excited to announce that actor Colin Baker will be joining us for our first Skerratt Media radio offering, Menston Green.

It’s a radio comedy – about a TV soap! – that, in our fictitious world, has been running since the 1950s. But it’s in trouble. The ratings are in free-fall and there hasn’t been a cast change since the programme started. Colin will be playing the officious Mr Cutler, the newly-appointed Head of Soaps, Serials and Rodeos.

He is perhaps best known for his role as the sixth Doctor Who (1984-1986), while other credits include The Brothers, Blake’s 7 and Jonathan Creek, to name a few.

Colin will be joined by actor, writer and mimick Wink Taylor, with whom I work on Sooty. Wink is known in theatrical circles as being the former voice of Basil Brush, as well the celebrity impersonator in a wide selection of greetings cards.

Wink’s stage partner Wendy Abrahams will also be lending us her vocal skills. An established performer, she may also be known to Sooty fans as being the teddy bear’s one and only make-up artist!

And now let me present to you the rest of the cast, (in order of equal loveliness!)

Vicki Glover will be playing Apple, the committed script writer.

Warwick St. John plays Cliff Bowfinger – embittered director!

Sam Chipman plays an actor, playing a character!

Bob Mallow takes on the role of Maurice, a respected Shakesperian thesp.

Hannah Robson is the soap’s make-up artist, only she’s often unaware of the fact!

Jenna Skerratt – my sister – comes out of acting retirement to play Christina St. Argentina the Eighteenth, the show’s biggest name!

Anne Newton plays Daphne, who has been in Menston Green since it started.

And Gillian Barge plays another victim of the new producer’s axe!

Menston Green will be recording in Leeds throughout June and July, and will be available as a free download via before the end of the year. A snazzy CD, with a shiny jacket and everything, will follow if there is sufficient demand.

I will leave you with a compilation of Colin Baker’s highlights from Doctor Who, (courtesy of the amazing Babelcolour channel on YouTube.)If you’ve never seen the sixth Doctor in action before now, you’ve missed a treat. Take a look: