The website for Skerratt Media’s first animated project has gone live! This will act as the main ‘hub’ for all 10 episodes of The Trimmings, which are currently in development at a top secret location, (Menston, five minutes from the Co-op, just behind Harry Corbett’s ‘workshop’!)

Although these episodes will also be available via the Skerratt Media site, I wanted them to have their own ‘home,’ mainly because of the backstory I’m building into the project.

The premise is that these are ‘lost’ episodes of an old television classic, and there is a hunt being carried out by dedicated film collectors to track them down. Over the next few months, there will be videos, interviews, photographs and status updates from the missing episode hunters, as they struggle to salvage the elusive prints of a bygone age!

All made-up, of course, but unashamedly so. I am really striving for authenticity with these animated episodes, and I want them to look as if they’ve been gathering dust in someone’s shed for the last 50 years.

In a way, I wish there actually was an intrepid team scouring the nation’s lofts, because it would mean I could sit back and sip lemon Fanta through a straw while somebody else did all the hard work! As it turns out, I’m actually trudging through the animation process at a glacial pace, painstakingly piecing these strange stories together one frame at a time.

That said, it’s going well. The first three episodes have now been completed, and production has just begun on Episode Four. When the full set will actually be completed is anyone’s guess, but I will shout loudly when it is!

So, stay tuned to over the next few months, and follow our new Twitter feed for all the latest ‘missing episode’ developments: @The_Trimmings