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Sooty’s Latest DVD from Abbey Home Media

So here it is: the final DVD of Sooty Series 1. The set is now complete…! (Try saying that in a Darth Vader voice.) It’s been nearly three years since myself, Richard and Wink sat down to bash these episodes out, but I’ll do my best to recall some interesting anecdotes.

Or anecdotes, at least…

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Lady Don’t Fall Backwards by Darcy Sarto

I was born an old man. I turned 26 today, but in fact, I’m actually going on 70. When I was 3 I started watching Blake’s 7, (a semi-adult sci-fi series from the ’70s), and I used to trade videos with my nursery teacher, and nobody ever questioned it; they clearly had taste!

Then, when I was about 10, I saw Hancock’s Half Hour for the first time during one of BBC 2’s afternoon repeat sessions. For the unfamiliar among you, this is a black and white sitcom from the late 1950s / early ’60s starring the legendary comedian Tony Hancock, written by the equally legendary writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. The episode in question was called The Missing Page, and it’s no exaggeration to say I was instantly transfixed.

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Ten Years of Filming

I’ve now been filming stuff for 10 years. When I first started, I was about three stone lighter, wonderfully naïve, completely lacking in cynicism, and I had Leonardo Di Caprio’s hair, (stolen from Titanic.)

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Laddie Don’t Go Bonkers

Of all the barmy things I’ve done, (a film about a sentient laptop, casting Colin Baker in a radio show about a TV show, set in a supermarket with a flux capacitor), I never thought it would be my novel, (just words on a page, bound and dust jacketed), that would end up in the dark pit that is known as Development Hell.

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Theo Video at Blackpool Pier

When Wink Taylor and Wendy Abrahams asked me if I wanted to do a promotional video to screen on Blackpool’s Central Pier, I immediately said yes. Provided I could include a black rectangular box at the bottom of the screen, hiding key bits of text. They took some persuading, but I eventually won them round. Rectangular boxes create a sense of enigma. Is Theo the Mouse appearing every ‘Sunday’ or every ‘Sundy’? Great stuff. Plus it’s black, and they’re in Blackpool. There are so many levels.

Also there might have been a fault with the council’s video screen.

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Other People Say Stuff About Menston Green

Yes – for once you won’t have to listen to me blather on! Menston Green – the SF radio comedy I wrote and produced starring former Doctor Who Colin Baker – is slowly taking over the net thanks to our first ever review, along with a ‘making of’ feature from sound aficionado Tim. (For the next phase of web domination, I will of course launch a Menston Green fragrance. Endorsed by Su Pollard.)

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Another Sooty DVD Hits the Shelves

Carnage broke out in Leeds last night as keen Sooty fans stormed the Headrow, desperate to pitch their overnight tents as close as possible to HMV’s doors in the hopes of becoming the first to lay their hands on this high-profile DVD release. This morning, staff were overwhelmed and stockists struggled to meet demand as the latest Sooty compilation – ‘The Children’s Party’ – sold a record 19 million copies in just three hours…

My advice to you is simple: order your copy NOW, before society breaks down and looters take to the streets.

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Filming Tweedy the Clown

As any Doctor Who fan will know – all timelines converge on Donna Noble.

In my case, all timelines converge on Cheltenham, which is where I found myself a couple of weeks ago, on a grey, rainy morning in April. It’s where we filmed Theo the Mouse. It’s where I pass through every time we hold a Sooty summit. This time, I was on my way to meet a clown – Tweedy, to his friends. I was concerned we wouldn’t recognise each other, having never met before, but given his dazzling quiff of red hair and my deadpan demeanour, there was little danger of that!

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The Oldest Life on Earth is Now Free!

When relationships end, some people go mad, some achieve madness, and some have madness thrust upon them. I managed all three when I decided to make my first proper film, (and start a business!)

The Oldest Life on Earth was the DVD that launched Skerratt Media as a website and a studio, way, way back in the Year of Our Lord 2011 A.D., when Amy Winehouse was still alive, the Higgs-Boson was theoretical, and Tom Daley had yet to present Splash. 2 years on, I’ve still got copies left, so I have decided to offer the DVD for free.

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CD Goings-on as Menston Discs Arrive!

My office hasn’t known what’s hit it this week. The world’s smallest workhouse, Skerratt Media H.Q., also known as My Bedroom (to passers-by), is now drowning under a sea of shiny Menston Green CDs. For those out of the loop, the production is a radio comedy starring former Doctor Who Colin Baker, and the estimable Wink Taylor, (Basil Brush’s personal assistant!)

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